Saturday, May 14, 2016

Space Ecology: The Final Frontier of Environmentalism

Mining Space? Space Tourism? Space Debris? ASAT Tests? Weapons in Space?

As humans venture into space to advance both commercial and government interests, it is vital that we also develop rules of the road to protect the environment and access to space for all inhabitants of the planet.  Pollution in circum-terrestrial space due to space debris is an international concern for all nations and corporations with space assets at risk and yet few binding international laws governing the protection of the space environment exist. There is also very little public oversight or participation in policy making for this booming new private business sector that enjoys tax breaks, liability indemnities and other government incentives and protections. is an information and news outlet dedicated to environmental and public policy issues related to space development. Here are some articles I have written on space issues.  More to come! 

Natural Living Magazine

Space Alert!

Peace Review, a Journal of Social Justice, 22.1, Spring 2010