Sunday, September 21, 2014

Online Resume

Lynda Williams aka Lynda Lovon aka The Physics Chanteuse
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I am a performance media artist, singer songwriter, science writer, educator and political activist and organizer.  This is a very brief resume/portfolio. My website is under construction. If you are interested in my speaking or performing, please contact me!  Thanks!

Education:  BS in Applied Math, MS in Physics

Physics Faculty: Santa Rosa Junior College, San Francisco State University
Media Production Instructor, San Francisco Art Institute
Webmistress and Girl Friday to Jerry Brown, We The People 

Sample Performance & Media Works:

    The Physics Chanteuse: Science Cabaret
American Geophysical Union, Academy of Forensic Sciences, The National Association of Science Writers, Stephen Hawking Birthday Bash, Kip Thorne 60th Birthday “KipFest” at CalTech, American Physical Society Centennial Celebration, US Science Festival, Swedish Science Festival, CERN, IEEE, AAAS, AAS, INSAP, PBS. Featured in the NY Times, LA Times, Chronicle of Higher Education, Physics TodayPeople Magazine and on NPR, and To Tell the Truth.  

Starship Earth: The Search for Life, Santa Rosa Junior College Planetarium,   Produced, wrote and performed an original science musical planetarium show on the evolution and meaning of life in the cosmos. Film, slide and video projection combined with live music, spoken word and song. Funded in part by the Astrobiology and the Sacred project at the University of Arizona.

Starship Earth: Future Evolution, Santa Rosa Junior College Newman Theater, Produced, wrote and performed an original science musical one-woman show on the future evolution of life on Earth and the environmental impact of humans on the biosphere. Large screen slide and video projection combined with spoken word, music and song. Funded in part by the Astrobiology and the Sacred project at the University of Arizona, and the Arts and Lectures Series at SRJC. 

Cosmic Cabaret: Political Science at VORTEX, Sebastopol Center for the Arts, toured in UK various venues. 

Science Educational Outreach:  Expanding Your Horizons

Science Media Content Producer, Science Entertainment,1986- current. Produce and perform science multimedia content and performances for stage, the internet, planetaria, CDs, and DVDs: Maxwell's Equations, Parody Violation and Cosmic Cabaret. Theater Projects include The Birth of Venus, UniLang, Cyberstein, The Physics Chanteuse and Cosmic Cabaret.

More Press Clippings

Political Activist and Organizer, Speaker and Writer

More posters, shows,  images, etc:

Original Art for first Cosmic Cabaret Show

Unilang with Pamela Consulo

The Cyberset: with Joel Kohn

The Birth of Venus with Marco Fuoco

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Communicating Climate Science in Music and Theater

I gave a talk on Communicating Climate Science in Music, Theater and Film last week at the SRJC Environmental Forum. This was a similar talk I gave at the AGU Chapman Conference on Communicating Climate Science in June 2013, but a bit longer. I dedicated the talk to Pete Seeger who just passed. Some students asked for my powerpoint lecture that has links to great resources including arts programs and artists working on climate change. The only way I could get it uploaded into this blog is by making it a video. I included a Pete Seeger's song One Blue Sky as a soundtrack. It doesn't have a narration so the flow might not make sense but the good info is in there. Maybe I'll add narration so it can stand alone but I wanted to post this ASAP so students could do a project on it. So here it is....

I also created a youtube playlist Climate Change Songs with over 70 music videos on climate change from around the world that is public. All the songs in my presentation, plus many more, can be found there. Here is a song on Greenhouse Gases I covered by Hy Zaret: 

Here are some of my favorites Climate Change Songs from other artists:

My favorites from the PNG. They hit the nail with Pete Seeger's proverbial hammer:

 "There is one major cause of climate change-greed and selfishness."

A Climate Change Song, written and performed by the Ponai String Band from Ahus Island, Manus Province, Papua New Guinea.

LYRICS (translated to English):

In the world today there is a big problem
of climate change,
In the world today there is a big problem
of climate change

It is a big concern for the government, non-government organisations and grassroots movements,
Weather patterns are changing and the sea is rising,
sea level rise will affect men and women and their land

There is one major cause of climate change-
greed and selfishness cause climate change,
big factories contribute to climate change

We ask the national government create the policies and guidelines to limit human activities,
and therefore look after the people of Manus and of course Ahus Island people too!

There is one major cause of climate change-
greed and selfishness cause climate change,
big factories contribute to climate change...

Ahus Island in Manus Province of Papua New Guinea is a very low-lying sand island severely affected by climate change impacts. Sand erosion is shrinking their island, their freshwater wells are becoming brackish and changing weather patterns and oceanic currents are making finding fish difficult. Their very survival on this island is threatened.

Filmed and edited by Kat Gawlik of 'For Greenies' with support from AusAID - "Building the resilience of communities and their ecosystems to the impacts of climate change in the Pacific", The Nature Conservancy and WWF

With great love, to Pete Seeger: